Ten things that i hate from myself

15 11 2009

Yeah, this is my first Blog Entry with English after 2 years of writing in this Blog. After a 5-days trip from school i have a lot of inspiration but i don’t know how to write it right now. Maybe i’ll write them later.

In the trip, i use some time to reflect myself when the others are sleeping either in Bus or in the Hotel. Yeah, i found the some things that i hate from myself. So i want to write it with the same format as Lemon S. Sile in here. Just for introspection for myself 😀

This is the ten things which i think most hateful from myself, from the least to the most hateful

10. Loner

09. Extravagant

08. Bad with the Girls

07. Anti-Social

06. Hasty

05. Ignorant

04. Impatient

03. Bad Sensitivity

02. Tendency to Psycho

01. Negative-Thinker

Maybe your opinion will be different 😀




6 responses

15 11 2009

number 8 doesn’t really sounds like you. i mean you are a good person to girls since you respect the ladies and you have a good manners towards me so i guess you are a gentleman 😉

15 11 2009
Adriano Minami

But i found sometimes that i hardly speak with the girls, maybe because I’m too stiff?

15 11 2009
si orang aneh

not that bad
*found lots of similarity

15 11 2009
Adriano Minami

Ah? Really?

17 11 2009

ga kreatip

no. 10 and no. 7 are (Almost) the same thing, or correlates each other. There’s no point in repeating it. Same goes for no. 4 and no. 6.

Also you can sum up no. 3 to no. 1 into one single point, it’s (also almost) the same thing or correlates each other after all. So in the end…ah, never mind.

2 12 2009

Yang hasty maksudnya apa tuh? :mrgreen:

btw, salam kenal yah. =)

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